Re-Blooming Iris
So, what is a Re-Blooming Iris? The Re-Blooming Iris are related to the German Iris genera, but there is one distinguishing feature. Both produce a rhizome, but the re-blooming series contains a number of (rhizomettes), which are baby rhizomes, attached to the parent rhizome. After the parent rhizome matures through its lifecycle and is done flowering, the rhizomettes now start growing in the same growing season and are fully capable of growing through the entire process, right up to, and through to flowering; thus, lending these plants the ability of flowering 3- 4 times during the course of a growing season, especially in Southern California.

Large Single Fans vs. Large Multi Fans: the Multi-fans were available last year and can be potted in pot sizes ranging from 2 Gallon to 5 Gallon; with 3 Gallon maybe being the optimum pot size. The Single Fan is a new size being offered this year and will be best suited for a 1 Gallon Pot Program. Both sizes, planted in late August, will flower 1st in October and November, with the 2nd flower spike occurring in January- February of the following spring. With a bit of marketing work, this crop could conceivably be sold out within 6 months of the planting date.
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