Fleurizon developed a program where we ship bare root cordylines directly to you, direct from our labs. We also can supply trays and work with many rooting stations in the USA and Europe to bring you the best quality available. Most of the Cordylines we sell start in a TC/In Vitro Laboratory.
Cordyline Atropurpurea
Cordyline Australis Red Star
Cordyline Australis Red Sensation
Cordyline Cherry Sensation
Cordyline Coral
Cordyline Krakatoa
Cordyline Lemon Fountain
Cordyline Peko
Cordyline Pink Champagne
Cordyline Pink Passion
Cordyline Pink Passion Plug
Cordyline Purple Tower
Cordyline Red Heart
Cordyline Red Sensation
Cordyline Red Sensation 1 Plug Showing
Cordyline Red Star
Cordyline Sundance 2
Cordyline Sunrise
Cordyline Sunrise -bare root
Cordyline Torbay Dazzler
Dark Star