Rhipsalis is an exciting product which is coming now more and more in the market.

We are working with a supplier of quality cutting material from the Africa's. For any questions please email us.

We ship bundles of 10 gram (for 4” pot) or 20 gram (for 6” pots)

Stick bundles 1/3 in pot, Keep dry until rooting starts

Low water

Very good shelf life

‘Designer Plants’

Temperature > 72 F
Mesembranthemoides close-up
Pseudorhipsalis Red Coral
Rhipsalis 'lindbergiana' , New, Plant Breeders Rights
Rhipsalis Baccifera
Rhipsalis Baccifera 3
Rhipsalis Baccifera in a pot
Rhipsalis Bolivianum
Rhipsalis Burchelii Details 2
Rhipsalis Burchelii Details 2
Rhipsalis Burchellii
Rhipsalis Burchellii Bundles (How They Are Shipped)
Rhipsalis Cassutha
Rhipsalis Cereuscula
Rhipsalis Clavata
Rhipsalis Ewaldiana
Rhipsalis Horrida
Rhipsalis Lindbergeriana Potted
Rhipsalis Lindbergiana
Rhipsalis Mauritiana 'ferrari'
Rhipsalis Mesembryanthemoides
Rhipsalis Mix 5.5cm Pot
Rhipsalis Pilocarpa
Rhipsalis Pilocarpa
Rhipsalis Pulchra
Rhipsalis Teres (heteroclada)
Rhisalis Bolivianum Hanging Pot