This series of Canna is visually free of Virus. The producer of the Rhizomes always starts his plants from TC material and is taking all precautions to have this crop grown virus free until it is shipped to the grower. The producer, in Israel, is probably the finest we have found, and is very skilled in keeping these varieties
healthy and strong.
Canna Alaska
Canna Almond Bloom
Canna Apricot Punch
Canna Australia
Canna Banana Punch
Canna Beauty Fruity
Canna Blushing Diva
Canna Chocolate Sunrise
Canna Deep Dawn
Canna Mango Punch
Canna Moonshine
Canna Morning Star
Canna Orange Magic
Canna Pale Dawn
Canna Pink Magic
Canna Pretoria
Canna Rosita
Canna Shining Diva
Canna Star View
Canna Stardust
Canna Starship