Plumeria a very special crop in many colors. We carry the best material around, and have for you to choose from 12 varieties. This crop will be delivered in top quality and we ship stems, around 6-8 Oz (about 200-250 grams) all treated and ready to go. length is 10-14" (around 35 cm). the best is to start them in temperatures > 75 degrees F ( 23C)
Flowering will happen in right conditions in 8- 10 weeks
We ship this in February or March.

For a variety description, scroll to the bottom of the page.
Plumeria Amarela
Plumeria Aztec Gold
Plumeria Bordeaux
Plumeria Cancun Dreams
Plumeria Isabella
Plumeria Lady Red
Plumeria Lavender Splash
Plumeria Lemon Yellow
Plumeria Lipstick
Plumeria Nebel's Gold
Plumeria Pacific Pearl
Plumeria Playful
Plumeria Princesa
Plumeria Pudica
Plumeria Pudica Tree
Plumeria Rainbow Star
Plumeria Rose Beauty
Plumeria Ruby Star
Variety Description

Angelica Strong red band on front and back of nice pink flower. Good keeping quality, wide round overlapping petals. Sweet Fragrance.

Aztec Gold A marvelous large yellow flower with pink edge. A unique fragrance of ripe peaches. Very large, long lasting flowers

Cancun Dreams Deep red flower with darker red center, maroon red stripe on reverse, round petals. Sweet fragrance

Fullmoon Yellow flower with slightly round, pointed white edges. Overlapping petals, very unique flower shape. Very nice citrus scent .

Hausten White Large white flowers with small brilliant yellow center. Wide round petals with round tips. Heavy texture, very fragrant.

Heaven Pastel pink flowers fading to white with yellow center. Nice fragrance.

Isabella Large yellow flower with dark red band on the reverse. Orange to gold center, young buds are hot pink to red. Nice, sweet fragrance.

Kaneohe Sunburst Large pink orange flower with red band on back. Bright yellow center, elliptical petals, pointed tip. Very good texture, mild sweet fragrance.

Lady Red Red flower, gold center round overlapping pointed petals, that will fade to lavender. Sweet fragrance.

Lavender Splash Lavender flower with small gold center. Petals are bordered with deeper lavender-pink. Prolific blooms, sweet fragrance.

Lemon Yellow ** Soft yellow, large flowers with lime yellow center. Citrus fragrance.

Lipstick Vibrant rose-red flowers with golden yellow center. Very unique star shape. Sweet spicy fragrance.

Nebel's Gold An often overlooked bright yellow flower with pink reddish band. Good texture and elliptical round petals. Strong frangipani fragrance.

Nebel's Rainbow Large yellow flower with a red band on front and back. Petals are wide with rounded tips, excellent keeping quality. Mild sweet fragrance.

Obtusa Singapore White Beautiful evergreen plumeria. White round petals with a yellow center. Glossy, veined foliage. Good keeping quality, strong lemon fragrance.

Pacific Pearl ** White flowers with yellow center. Good keeping quality, pleasant strong fragrance.

Pink Rainbow Pink-orange flower with gold yellow center. Round overlapping petals, very good keeping quality. Highly recommended!

Pink Serena Nice pink flower with brilliant yellow center and round overlapping petals. Beautiful shape, dark pink band on back. Very nice sweet lemon fragrance, long blooming.

Playful ** Large bright pink flowers with gold center. Very nice sweet fragrance.

Plumeria Karina Pale pink flower w/touch of lavender contrasted by red-orange and yellow halo. Petals are outlined by a velvety trim. Enduring beauty and sensual fragrance.

Plumeria Luna A magnificent large flower clusters. Brilliant gold center with wide round and overlapped petals. Lobely plumeria scent.

Plumeria Mely's Pink Pink flower w/deeper pink center, dark line from center. Round overlapping petals. Sweet fragrance.

Plumeria Pacific Star Very nice large white flower yellow center long wide pointed petals

Plumeria Red Blood Brilliant dark red flower with long narrow petals. Very nice flower shape, great looking plant. Good keeping quality, sweet fragrance.

Princesa Large red flower with gold center and round petals. Very vigorous plant, a real knockout! Fragrance is strong and pleasant.

Princesa Maya Very nice rose-red flower with bright yellow center. Flower cluster hangs like a basket when mature. Sweet fragrance.

Rainbow Star A unique blend of rainbow colors: pink, red and white. Petals have pointed tips and overlap in a shell fashion. Prolific blooms, sweet fragrance.

Red Sparkles Very nice sparkle rose-red flower with overlapping round petals. Good keeping quality. Sweet fragrance.

Ruby Star Deep fuchsia/red flowers with gold center. Long round petals. Sweet fragrance.

Samoan Fluff Round, white, highly overlapping petals with small, bright yellow center. Very good keeping quality. Strong, sweet fragrance.

Scarlet Red Red flower with darker red center and narrow pointed petals. Very nice large star shaped flower. Sweet fragrance.

Sierra Madre ** Very nice white flower with small yellow center, flower will last under very hot climate and the plant will take a cold whether better than many other plumerias.

Yellow ** Brilliant yellow flowers with broad white margin around the firm-textured petals. Good keeping quality. Very strong fragrance.
Plumeria Sticks
Plumeria Tri
Plumeria White