In the natural climate of Costa Rica, a New Zealand native found a new home. Here we grow some of the most attractive designer plants available for the industry... Phormium. With a wide assortment of varieties offering a wide range of color combinations, this wonderful plant can make any border stand out and any planter come to life. We specialize in the production of Phormium young plants. We supply wholesale growers a liner or pot that can be used to pot up into a larger container and grown on for future sale. Utilizing the climate we have, we can offer an aggressively growing Phormium ready for the next step in the production process.
Phormium Amazing Red
Phormium Apricot Queen
Phormium Creme De Light
Phormium Duet
Phormium Evening Glow
Phormium Golden Ray
Phormium Jester
Phormium Pink Stripe
Phormium Platts Black
Phormium Rainbow Maiden
Phormium Rainbow Queen
Phormium Rainbow Sunrise
Phormium Sundowner
Pink Panther